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Planning To Buy The MG Gloster Heres How You Can Accessorise It

No matter what the SUV, we Indians love to accessorise. The latest one to join the full-size SUV club is the and the manufacturer is offering a host of exterior accessories to spice it up. Here's a closer look at them:

Chrome Overload

Indians love bling. Naturally, there are a handful of chrome-plated accessories on offer. You can opt for chrome surrounds around the headlamps, tail lamps, and on the inner edge of the door handles.

The dose of chrome doesn't end there. The fuel lid gets a graphic finish along with a tinge of chrome.

While you can opt for faux vents on the hood for added muscle, the presence of chrome looks a tad tacky. A pure black finish would have been better here.

Yes, the Gloster stands high off the ground and you get side steps for easier ingress and egress. You can protect these side steps with a chrome bar.

The Gloster's door can also be protected with a black mould. Of course, there's some bling here too and you know what is present on these protectorsandhellip; chrome.

Now To The Protection Bits

The Gloster's exterior accessories are not just limited to chrome. You also get a host of protection bits such as these front bumper protectors, which surround the fog lamp housing and protect the corners of the front bumper.

You also opt for these rain shades with a tinge of chrome.

Last but not the least, are these black and chrome trims near the rear reflectors.

for every single detail of the Gloster.

The Gloster will fight it out with the.

By Aniruthan Srithar October 06, 2020 at 03:42PM

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