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Key to your riding comfort CEAT Tyres

Modern car buyers are well-informed about various aspects when they go shopping for a car. One of the main aspects while choosing a new car is the ride quality and comfort of the vehicle. While there are many aspects on the ride quality of a vehicle, the tyres play in important role when it comes to the ride comfort. With the Indian road conditions in mind, many customers complain about the good ride quality and comfort in the vehicles.

Many customers believe that ride quality completely depends on the suspension set-up of a vehicle. However, that is not the case. Suspension setup alone does not play a role in determining the comfort. A car with good ride quality will have several things working on it. The height of the vehicle, suspension setup, laden weight of the vehicle, centre-of-gravity of the vehicle and the size of the rims and tyres play a vital role in the ensuring the best ride quality in the vehicle.

While most of the things like wheelbase, suspension setup and centre-of-gravity, and weight cannot be altered easily, the tyres are something that can dramatically change the way a car behaves on the rough surfaces. It is also a part that can be changed regularly and within a limited budget. Yes, a new set of correct tyres can change the way your car rides and increase the comfort of the vehicle easily.

It is true that cars with low ground clearance and low-profile tyres do look great on the road but they are a pain when they go over rough surfaces. As tyres are the primary contact between the vehicle and the road surface, it acts as a first suppressor of potholes on the roads. Tyres are made to flex to absorb any udualations on the roads and the low-profile tyres provide limited flexibility due to their thin side walls. There have been many instances in India when the manufacturers officially discontinued bigger tyre sizes to provide tyres with thicker sidewalls for a greater comfortable ride. Also, the width of the tyres is also responsible optimum weight distribution of a vehicle and increase the ride quality. If you're going through a hard time due to the ride quality and comfort of your vehicle, you should start with the tyres of the vehicle.

Ceat is one manufacturer in India that gives comfort rating to their tyres. Depending on the tyre's compound and its capability to flex and absorb the bad surfaces, Ceat rates their tyres. Car owners who are looking to increase the ride quality of their vehicles can easily read the ratings and choose the best tyre for their vehicle without going deep into the technicalities. It sure is the easiest way to increase the comfort in any vehicle. As Ceat offers numerous tyres for different kind of vehicles, it is quite easy to find a replacement tyre for your vehicle when you need it.